Huh? answers

Have you a ever had a question that kept you up at all hours of the night? A question so burning, you couldn’t stop thinking about it? Surely you know what I mean!

Well, help is neigh. Next time a question puzzles you, tortures you, keeps you up all night, just ask professor Ad Vice. He knows EVERYTHING!

Here you can find a few of the questions he has received from desperate people through the years. You might find the answers useful too! The elaborate answers are to be found in the so-called Eh? Pages. Yet…

… sometimes you need a quick and short answer to a question. Just get yourself over to Huh? tips!


Huh? Tip 1: if you’re late
Huh? Tip 2: if you don’t want to dine alone


Huh? Page 1: What is the difference between a tv set and a mindset?
Huh? Page 2: How do I become a zero?
Huh? Page 3: Can I get smaller?
Huh? Page 4: How do I make my bed?