How the professor almost got eaten… again!

Living with a dangerous housecat has surely strengthened the professor’s nerves to steel. This is very fortunate, because in the backland of Australia there was a cook, who decided that if kangaroo is edible… so is mouse.

It took the professor a lot of persuasion, but eventually he could step out of the cooking pot. Lucky for him the water was only pleasantly warm and not cooking yet.

What’s more – the cook and his friends found out, that a cooking pot filled with hot water, rosemary and thyme make for an excellent bath. As soon as they smelt the professor as he came out of the water, they knew exactly what to do. They took turns and a few hours later they all smelt very, very agreeble. Which is a big plus, when you’re in a dusty outback!

So how did the professor almost got eaten the first time..?

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