How does the professor come by his anwers?

The professor takes his job very seriously. He knows what it is like, to continuously be in search of an answer. It can be sheer agony! This is why the professor has dedicated himself to painstakingly search for the right anwers.

Now this is not easy.
Not only does this mean the professor surrenders quite a few hours of sleep to research, it also means he has to travel: sometimes an anwer simply cannot be found in books.

And if that was all… No!
Alas, the professor encounters a great deal of hindrance by his brother, Fiktor. Unfortunately Fiktor is quite smart. This means he often puts Ad in an awkward position, letting his brother believe he has found the right answer. If he is not sure he can fool his brother, Fiktor is inclined to sabotage the professor’s attempts to find the right answer.

Is that all?
Of course it is not! Like mentioned before – Fiktor is quite smart (he should achieve a great deal, if he just chose to use his powers for good!) and this means he has in more than one occassion accomplished to be taken for his brother. Needless to say, he sents people into the woods rather then helping them! Thus causing discredit to his brother’s name…

How does that feel?
As you probably can imagine, this makes the professor very sad and sometimes angry. Fiktor is about the only one, who gets in the professor’s hair a lot. It’s almost all of the time. No one can say Fiktor doesn’t work very hard at it…!

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