Who is Fiktor?

Fiktor is Ad’s brother. When they were really tiny, they got along just fine. Playing hide and seek, building blocks… it was all good fun.

However, Ad was very eager to learn and Fiktor, well… not so much. This resulted in Ad getting one after another diploma, certificate, award, badge. Fiktor grew more and more jealous with each sign of appreciation his brother received. Ad tried to get Fiktor into scouting and swimming, but he refused. And he grew more and more stubborn! Then finally, one day, Ad plucked up the courage to confront the house cat and to Fiktor that meant: enough is enough! He would no longer stand for this goody-two brave perfect brother any longer!

The only class Fiktor paid any attention in, was Building & Electrics. He knew he could be his brother’s worst nightmare if he knew exactly how to undermine all of Ad’s attempts to build a better life for himself and everyone who has a question.

How Fiktor sabotaged Ad’s jet pack

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