How did Ad avert danger from his family?

Ever since Ad and his brothers and sisters could walk, their parents warned them about the housecat of the house they lived in. Even though the cat was quite fat and lazy, it had its moments. Mum often told the story of their grandfather, who barely escaped the cat one day. This is why they always had to be very, very careful when leaving home!

Ad gave this a great deal of thought. ‘There must be a better way than to live in fear,’ he thought. ‘An intelligent approach to this problem…’ It took him a few weeks of ample thought, but he did come up with the solution.

He simply decided to warn the cat! After carefully coming closer to it, they had a serious conversation. His family stood frozen in fear in the door-opening, watching the whole thing. Was it because Ad simply walked up to the cat in a straight line..? Nobody knew. But the cat tried nothing and listened to what Ad had to say.

After he was able to convince the housecat that his relatives and he would be a rather poor choice of diet, they all lived in peace. It was such a relief! How was anyone to know, that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and that Fiktor would swear revenge..?