The professor in Australia & New Zealand

Despite serious challenges – like almost ending up as someone’s dinner – the professor had a real ball Down Under. Naturally he did all the ‘tourist stuff’: he went to see Ayer’s rock (yet did not climb it out of respect), went down the opal mines in Coober Pedy, learned how to play the didgeridoo, fed a koala some Eucalyptus leafs and went to the Sydney Opera House. He made a short trip through the outback desert and went on a stroll in the Blue Mountains, where he photographed the Three Sisters.

Although he can fly very high with his jetpack, parachute jumping in New Zealand was still a thrill.

‘When I fly my jet pack, it’s usually in a horizontal line. Well, besides taking off and landing, of course.  But that is gradually and controlled… Jumping out of an airplane was genuinely breathtakingly neck hair-raising!’, the professor shudders with pleasant fear, looking back.