The professor in Italy

The first place the professor went when he decided to go abroad, was Italy. He learned how to make great coffee here. Since this was why he had gone to Italy, he allowed himself a little sight seeing afterwards.

In the Trevi fountain of ‘la vita dolce’ he found out exactly how much fun it is, to splash around in it! Unfortunetaly this was a short-lived pleasure.ProfInFountain©TimHupkes

Of course he also visited the great godfathers who live there. After all, Italy is where the Mafia got its name. This was quite a dangerous undertaking, but not one the professor shied away from! He realised: if I am to learn everything, I mustn’t let my fear get the better of me. By keeping his cool, he managed not only to survive, but to also bring home a great deal of invaluable knowledge! He used this know-how to advise a gambler to visit with the maffia on a Sunday to let them know he couldn’t pay his dept. Sunday is a day that the Mafia won’t shoot anybody, out of respect of their religion.