What does the professor do?

A great help to mankind
There are quite a few people who would still be in a blue funk if it had not been for the good professor! Always chipper, he shows all who ask in the right direction, therewith making lives easier and more joyful.

Complex questions find their answer in a so-called Huh?-page.
The Huh?-page is more elaborate than the Huh?-tip. This way the professor can give a few solutions to one problem. Indeed, more often than not a problem has more than just one solution! Is that not a thrilling idea..?

Quick answers for busy people are crammed into the Huh?-tips. A swift and easy way to get your answer, the tips are perfect to check out for instance whilst you are underway or waiting for your latte to be made.

Any questions..?
Should you find yourself in utter confusion, do not hesistate and ask the professor your question!